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My Story

Ms. Rian Donatelli, an industry trailblazer who founded Connections Consulting and Marketing Solutions over two decades ago, with a resolute focus on revolutionizing businesses through strategic system implementation. With a profound understanding of the pivotal role that streamlined systems and processes play in boosting productivity, reducing overhead costs, and driving exponential revenue growth, Rian has positioned herself as a luminary in the world of business consulting.

Drawing upon a remarkable 25-year legacy of nurturing and expanding enterprises, Rian possesses a distinctive edge that sets her apart from competitors. Her journey began at the grassroots level, where she honed her expertise through hands-on experience, weaving together her innate ability to forge meaningful business connections with an unwavering commitment to excellence. A tireless work ethic, coupled with an innate knack for creative problem-solving and strategic foresight, has empowered Rian to achieve an unparalleled client retention rate.

At the heart of Rian’s approach is a keen dedication to helping businesses flourish by fine-tuning their operations. Her adeptness at devising and implementing holistic systems has catalyzed the transformation of countless brands, propelling them to realize their full potential. Rian’s guidance and proficiency have facilitated the growth and goal attainment of over 100 brands, making her an esteemed mentor in the realm of business development.

As you engage with Ms. Donatelli, you’ll be guided by a visionary leader who understands that the pathway to success is paved with efficient processes and strategic methodologies. Whether you’re a startup seeking to establish a robust foundation or an established enterprise aiming to optimize your operations, Rian’s strategic insights and proven strategies will empower your business to ascend to new heights of prosperity.

Embark on a transformative journey with Ms. Rian Donatelli and experience firsthand the unparalleled impact of incorporating streamlined systems and processes into your business. Elevate your brand, maximize your efficiency, and skyrocket your revenue under the expert guidance of a true luminary in the world of business consulting

My Mission

“To empower individuals through the provision of strategic tools, education, and heightened brand awareness, fostering the development of deep audience connections and driving exponential growth.”

Rian is a born leader with a proven passion for this business. She is a perfectionist in her work and accepts nothing but the best in her execution. I am blessed to know and have worked side by side with her in the industry.

I have worked with Rian on several projects and continue to be impressed with her professional drive and imagination for marketing opportunities. The level of customer service I have seen her provide clients has been second to none and the expectation she has of her employees also reflects this. Companies can not go wrongwhen working with her.

Rian understands that a company needs a good ROI, and she delivers.She would be an excellent ally for any organization trying to grow and strengthen their business.